FREE delivery within Malaysia (no minimum order) and to Singapore (for orders above RM500).

At Lily + Sze, we are eco-conscious and strive to be eco-friendly. We care about the impact we leave behind on top of the impression we make. We understand that every little decision affects our environment, our climate, the well-being of others, as well as other species.

The question we always ask ourselves is how can we create more with less?

Here are some of our ongoing efforts in making our business and presence more sustainable.



We use bare minimum packaging materials with specific wrapping methods for a no-frills, easy unboxing experience which are sufficient in protecting your orders while minimizing waste. 



All packaging materials are recyclable and reusable. In fact, most of the wrappers are reused from when we receive our raw supplies. They are always thoroughly inspected and sanitized. This is the reason you may receive your orders in brown or off-white wrappers, wrinkled and with jagged edges.

We also receive bubble wraps from our suppliers of which we collect and return to them. Because while we're eco-conscious, we can also strive to be consistent with our brand packaging and reduce items for you to discard. We know that the chances you would reuse any plastic or bubble wrap is slimmer than our suppliers.



We would love to skip mailer bags but given our wet climate here, it is necessary to waterproof your parcels. We omitted the use of traditional DHL mailer bags, which we can get for free, to reduce plastic consumption and are committed to spending a little more with 100% compostable mailer bags.

To compost, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Remove all tapes, stickers and shipping labels.
  2. Cut compostable mailer bag into small pieces.
  3. Place the cut pieces into a compost bin along with other compostable scraps.
  4. Regularly mix the compost to allow for oxygen to flow through.



We do not believe in mass production warehouses to reduce cost. We are uncompromising about quality, craftsmanship and business ethics. Our sources are from Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.



We have a pick-up service for those who reside in Peninsular Malaysia and would like to return our Lily + Sze glass jars. In fact, we encourage you to do so, so that our suppliers do not overproduce.

You will be rewarded with 50 points for every glass jars returned. To learn more about how to collect and redeem points, please click on the reward icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

This initiative will cost us 10% to 30% more than getting new glass jars. So your immediate incentive will be your contribution towards waste reduction, unnecessary production, and your support for our small business that we are on the right track! Our mother nature thanks you too!

You also do not need to clear out the residual candle wax nor clean the glasses, we will do that! Just pack and box them safely. Reuse the packaging materials that came with them. Then, contact or @lilyandsze and we will arrange to pick up from you at your convenience.