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The sides of your candles may appear to be "patchy" or have "wet spots". They are a result of soy wax pulling away from the container especially when the temperature of the outer container wall is cooler than the soy wax inside. This is very common for heat-safe and dishwasher safe glass containers. It does not affect the way your candle performs.

If you experience rough, bumpy or uneven wax top after burning your candle, it is because the molten wax cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate. This is a feature of natural soy wax, and does not affect the performance of your candle.

All soy wax will experience "frosting" over time. You may notice bits of whiter coatings, especially on the surface or the sides, which are a byproduct of natural soy wax. It is caused by crystallization and does not affect the way your candle performs. 

Some candles will discolour over time (e.g. wax turning yellow or brown) due to the presence of natural fragrance properties and the nature of pure soy wax. This, too, does not not affect the performance and scent of your candle.




  • Always allow the entire surface of the wax to melt to the edge of the glass.


  • Our eco wicks are self-trimming for a smoke-free burn. Always ensure there is about 7mm of wick before each light.
  • Do not over trim as short wicks prevent the candle from burning efficiently. Over-trimmed wicks can lead to darkened soy wax and "mushrooming" wick which produces large flame and soot.


    • Don't leave candle burning for more than 4 hours.
    • Don't light candle near books, curtains, fabrics, plants or things that can catch fire easily.
    • Don't leave candle burning under draft and open window.
    • Don't leave candle burning while asleep or unattended.


    • Contrary to popular practice, we do not recommend soaking the glass jar in hot water. Even though it makes removing wax more convenient, the residual water has to go somewhere and it will normally end up in the sink or drain. STOP! The water will still contain traces of wax and oil which can clog up your pipes and is generally not an eco-friendly practice.
    • Once the wick is down to the last 7mm, we highly recommend to let wax cool and carefully scrape the remaining wax out with a spoon. If it's a little challenging, pop the glass jar into the freezer for a quick 10 minutes, then try scraping the rest of the wax out.
    • Dispose all wax residue safely into the bin.
    • NEVER pour molten wax or residual water from soaking the jar into the sink or drain.
    • The glass (and spoon) can be wiped clean with rubbing alcohol, then wash as usual. Our glasses are dishwasher safe.
    • Repurpose the glass. Psst, it's a great whiskey tumbler or a shot glass!



    Each Concrete Globe is specially handcrafted by our local talent, Concrete Dezign. The cute little palm-sized Globe comes with a drainage hole where you can repurpose as a plant pot! Simply clean out the residual wax and remove the drainage hole's tack seal and sticker.


    • Please read the Care Guide card provided.
    • Please do not burn the candle for more than 2-3 hours, unlike heat-safe glass jars, to avoid overheating the concrete which can cause cracks.
    • Note that no two Concrete Globes are the same and uniquely yours to own! Each piece may vary in colour and from product photos. Some small air bubbles are a result of natural occurrence and are the hallmarks of handmade concrete wares.